ADHD Spotlight is now a podcast!

A new video podcast, ADHD Spotlight, hosted by Dr. Doyle is now available here and will soon be listed at the iTunes Store. This first show is “Young Adults with ADHD,” and features college students talking about their experiences, and well-known experts in the field, including Dr. Carolyn B. Robinowitz, president of the American Psychiatric Association. Developmental Pediatrician Dr. Patricia O. Quinn, founder of the influential ADD/ADHD website, offers insights gleaned from her work with high school and college students and their families; Psychiatrist Paul Steinberg, whose provocative essay about ADHD in the New York Times challeges us to look at the condition from a more positive perspective, discusses the fine points of diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Doyle provides an overview of commonly prescribed medications, and explores the controversial topic of medication diversion and abuse on college campuses.

The show is about 20 minutes long, and is best viewed with a broadband connection. If you prefer to wait and download the file from iTunes, (which you can watch on a video iPod or your computer) keep an eye on Dr. Doyle’s blog. It should be up at the Apple iTunes store very soon, and we’ll post a link.

Upcoming program topics include:

• How is ADHD Diagnosed?
• Minorities and ADHD
• Depression and Adults with ADHD
• Heart Trouble and the CNS Stimulants
• CNS Stimulants: Finding the Right Dosage
• ADHD Medications – The Controversy
• Seven ADHD Life Strategies
• ADHD Success Stories
• Girls and Women with ADHD

You may want to check out my previous Video PodCast, Health Minute, at the Apple iTunes Store.


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