Adhd spotlight

Dr. Brian B. Doyle is a psychiatrist, a clinician and teacher who graduated from Harvard College and McGill University, Faculty of Medicine. He has written numerous articles and monographs, especially on the affective and anxiety disorders and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Coeditor of The Impaired Physician, his new book, Understanding and Treating Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, was published in June 2006. He is in his tenth year as the host of “Medical Answers,” a nationwide television program on the Public Broadcasting System. He has received awards for excellence in teaching from Georgetown University School of Medicine, the International Society of Business Communicators and the American Psychiatric Association. Military honors include the Meritorious Service Medal and the General Staff Insignia. Formerly on the faculty of Harvard and George Washington University medical schools, he is now Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and of Family and Community Medicine at Georgetown University School of Medicine. Dr. Doyle maintains an active private practice in Washington, DC, specializing in mood and anxiety disorders and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. He currently serves as President of the National Association of Medical Communicators.


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